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Freelance Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Recordist and Re-Recording Mixer - (Spring 2001 - Present) Full post production audio services including sound design, sound supervision, dialog and foley editing, ADR, custom recording, and mixing for film, animation, television, radio, and interactive media. End clients include Microsoft, Toyota, Palm, AMD, SEGA, Zune, Levis, UbiSoft, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, New Line, Levis, GameTap, Comcast, NPR, Disney, NBC, Ellen Bruno, the Kitchen Sisters. IMDB Agencies include Young and Rubicam, Mekanism, Saatchi and Saatchi, McCann Erikson, 72andSunny.

Bay Area Sound Ecology - (Fall 2007 - Present) Co-Chair of acoustic ecology group BASE organizing listening salons, soundwalks and other projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Production Sound Recordist/Mixer - (Summer 2002 - present) Sound recording for film, video and radio. Projects range from straight narrative and documentary to experimental works to advertising and corporate and industrial films.

Phantom Investigators - (Fall 2001 - Spring 2002) Sound designer and sound editor for high production-value 3-D stop frame animated series for Warner Bros./Sony, produced by San Francisco based (W)holesome Products. Developed custom Filemaker Pro spotting database application, integrated with ProTools.

Our Town - (Colorado, Fall 2001) Ambient theatrical sound design for the LIDA Project Experimental Theatre Company's German expressionist production of Thornton Wilder's classic play.

Denver Drama Critics Circle Award - (February 2000) Received the Denver Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Theatrical Sound Design, 1999 Season for the sound design for A Merchant of Auschwitz, produced by the LIDA Project.

A Merchant of Auschwitz - (March - May 1999) Multilayered environmental sound design for the LIDA Project's production of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, reinterpreted by the ensemble and directed by Brian Freeland. Featured in Westword's Best of Denver 1999.

Dress Her Like a Cowboy - (February 1998) Original score and sound design for the original experimental theatre piece developed by Tara M. E. Thompson. Political and social satire centering around the JonBenet Ramsey story, media images of women, artifice, beauty pageants, and the question of Fakeness vs. Genuinity.

Eighty-Four - (Sept 1997 - Jan 1998) Original score and immersive soundscape design for Brian Freeland's critically acclaimed stage adaptation of Orwell's 1984, produced by the LIDA Project Experimental Theatre Company, Denver. Developed Filemaker Pro theatre cuesheet application for managing production.

The Four Seasons and Carnival of the Animals - (March - April 1997) Created theatrical sound design elements for integrated dance and visual arts performances featuring David Taylor Dance Theatre, the Museum of Outdoor Art, and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Prehistoric Journey - (Summer - Fall 1995) Multi-channel sound environments for five walkthrough "envioramas" in the new permanent dinosaur exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. With James Reeve. Please read the walkthrough description.

Poison Fire Dance - (August 1992) Original score/sound design for a dance performance about the waste legacy of our nuclear industry, In collaboration with dancer Ryuichi Harada. In conjunction with Barbara Donachy's "Twilight's Last Gleaming," a ceramic installation elucidating the nuclear waste problem in the U.S. and worldwide. Subsequent performances in Boston, San Francisco and Denver.

Swan Songs, Images of Love and Lament for the Land - (August 1991) and Mother Nature, artists respond - (February 1991) Commissioned sound design for art exhibit openings at Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.


Open Studios - (October 2002) Watery six-channel environmental sound installation with interactive participatory components. Visitors encouraged to contribute vocal sounds which were immediately manipulated using GRM-Tools and incorporated into an evolving multi-layered textural loop. San Francisco, CA, With painter Seth Damm.

Synchronous Forest: The Dance of Nature and Technology v.2.0 - (February - March 1999) A thinking space around the human relationship to nature, a collaborative installation by Lindy Lyman and Jeremiah Lyman Moore at The Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood CO.

Synchronous Forest: The Dance of Nature and Technology v.1.0 - (March - April 1998) Sonic and visual art installation presented at Regis University O'Sullivan Art Center, in collaboration with my mother, Lindy Lyman. Lecture presentation made March 19, 1998.

Arts Aloud: 58 Minutes of Sound - (March 1997) Subject of one hour radio documentary featuring sound compositions and techniques. Produced by Catherine Gollery, KGNU Boulder, Colorado.

The Train Dreams the Tracks - (December 1996) Solo sound-environment installation and accompanying group music/dance performance at Union Railway Station in Denver, CO, centered around our cultural relationships to technology, past, present and future. Performance in collaboration with dancer Ryuichi Harada and Koto player Junko Shigeta. Funded by the Colorado New Music Association and the Denver Mayors Office on Art, Culture and Film.

TrainDream - (February - March 1996) Sound composition exploring the sonic dream imagery of trains. Presented as part of the "listening room" exhibit at the SoundCulture '96 international sound art symposium in San Francisco, April '96, and at the Haliburton Soundscape Workshop in Haliburton, Ontario in August '96.

Dense Planet - (Winter 1996) Sound installation experimenting with organic/electronic drone textures and tuned acoustic resonators, entitled "Dense Soundscape." Presented at invitational art exhibition at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, CO.

TimeWorks - (Spring 1993 - Spring 1994) Senior Thesis project at The Evergreen State College: a multimedia art installation exploring five ways humans experience time, incorporating spatial sound, slides, video, graphic and 3D design.


NorthStation - (February 1997 - Present) Musical collaboration with Jazz trumpet player Derek Banach, exploring new combinations of technological musical processes and organic instrumental sounds. Completed a CD in 2000, available on BabyJane Records. Performances in Colorado during 2000.

School of Sound - (April 2000, London) Attended the School of Sound international cinema, radio, and sound with image symposium exploring the creative/commercial axis, the sonic poetry of speech, and creative approaches for sound spacialization among other things. Wrote a review which was published in Musicworks Magazine #78.

Terra Infirma - (Winter 1990 - Winter 1993) Co-producer for nationally acclaimed environmental radio module series: won National Federation of Community Broadcasters Golden Reel Award as Best National News/Public Affairs Program for 1990; received Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding; aired on over 100 public and community radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.

The Great Indoors - (Winter 1992) Technical producer/coordinator/graphic designer for well received black box theatre production of the Evergreen State College Winter Student Concert.

Deus Machina - (Spring 1991 - Summer 1994) Visual/musical collaboration with writer/filmmaker/vocalist A. W. Brown.


Filemaker Pro Developer - (1994 - Present) Designed and implemented solutions for asset management, project tracking, timesheets, web development and building tools, audio post-production, contact management, theatrical cue lists, file system automation, batch emailing automation, simple invoicing, time tracking and recording studio management. Adept at complex calculations and scripting. Experienced connecting Filemaker to other scriptable apps such as mTools, Quicktime, Palm Desktop, SoundApp, MacAuthorize and the Macintosh Finder.

sfx|DB - (Spring 2000 - Present) Design and implementation of a powerful and user friendly client-server sound effects management system for use in post production facilities. Strong emphasis on usability. Used daily in select post production facilities nationwide. Filemaker Pro with Applescript and external helper apps.

spotting|DB - (Spring 2002) Simple and effective scheme for increasing efficiency and managing continuity in sound effects editing process for globally broadcast cartoon series. Filemaker Pro integrated with Digidesign Pro Tools and Contour Shuttle-Pro controller.

Babyjane Records Database - (1998) Management system for online record label. Catalog database generates custom HTML output for online store. Automated order processing for online, telephone and local orders, including credit card authorization and packing list printout. Capability to process backorders and customer subscriptions. Generates comprehensive reports for sales and royalty tracking.

StudioTrack - (March 1997 - Present) Designed, implemented and deployed networked work tracking system at Rocky Mountain Recorders, a busy post production sound studio. The system tracks clients, projects, studio billing, music library usage, data assets and backups, session booking information and digital land patch usage, providing an easy to use interface and powerful reporting features.

WEBSITE DESIGN - (Spring 2003) An attractive site for a recording studio specializing in audio for TV and Film, providing information to prospective clients and an archive of interesting articles. - (Fall 2002) Site for independent radio producer Marissa LaMagna, serving as a showcase for new, old, and continuing projects. Facilitates the interface with public radio program directors and other interested parties. - (Spring 1998 - Present) Design and production of online record label site built with Apache SSI to seamlessly deliver identical static content in a variety of modes. Incorporates Yahoo! Store links and integrated Filemaker Pro offline order processing. - (July 1999) A simple, compact website for a small, progressive media relations firm, implemented in Apache SSI. Design and production. - (Fall 1997) Designed and implemented website for a busy post production sound studio using the Frontier content framework. - (Summer 1997) Designed and implemented website for local Denver record store Twist & Shout in collaboration with Joshua Allen. Components of site maintained using database engine to build pages. Site constructed and maintained in Userland Frontier. None of the original design is still online.


Freelance Engineer and Consultant - (Dec 2000 - Present) Feature film, documentary, animation, television, radio, gaming and multimedia work in the San Francisco area.

Sound Effects Library Consultant - (Spring 2001 - Present) Organizing, digitizing and databasing clients' existing sound materials, both commercial and proprietary. Working with clients to design production pipelines and workflow, storage, organization and labeling schemes, and developing custom database tools. Clients include Ann Kroeber of Sound Mountain (the Alan Splet library), Earwax Productions (Final Fantasy, IMAX 'Whales') and Outpost Film Center (Werner Herzog, Finn Taylor).

Rocky Mountain Recorders - (Dec 1995 - Dec 2000) Staff post production and music sound engineer/mixer. Recording, directing talent, sweetening, client control, mixing and coordinating delivery for TV/radio broadcast, exhibits, music, and multimedia projects. Clients include: NBC Sports, Ford Motors, McDonalds, Odyssey network, AT&T, The Denver Post, The Disney Channel, Sony Music. Other duties include spec'ing gear, designing internal systems and methods, installing and maintaining audio, video and computer systems, and coordinating information services.

Babyjane Records - (Summer 1996 - Dec 2000) Technical coordinator for online record label. A semi-dynamic website design using Apache ssi and Filemaker Pro to manage assets and process billing. Coordinating technical aspects of design and production for audio CDs.

edisonLINK - (February - July 1996) Edison Elementary School, Denver CO. Technical facilitator for educational pilot project funded by the National Science Foundation. Focus is on using media technology - Internet video conferencing, email discussion groups, classroom www publishing and interactive cable TV - to expand the classroom, and to enable communication for project based learning. Developed Curriculum Server with Filemaker Pro, WebFM and ACGI. (no longer online)

Metro Pacific Post - (Fall 1994 - Spring 1995) Recording engineer for music and post production sound studio. Implemented project tracking database and archiving / labeling systems.

Kerr/Macy Music Group - (Summers 1992 and 1993) Mastering and tracking engineer for music studio.


Digidesign Pro Tools - Pro Tools user since 1994's version 2.0. Highly experienced recordist, editor, mixer, sound designer, teacher and technician. Contributed to the 5.1 and 6.4 TDM releases as a beta tester.

Audio Engineering - Sound recording, editing and mixing, primarily in studio environments. Comfortable with large format consoles and a wide variety of production and recording scenarios. I like my Grace preamp.

Filemaker Pro - See Database Design above.

Audio Tools - Pro Tools, Kontakt, Studio Vision, Peak, SampleCell, Alchemy, GRM-Tools, Waves, Reason, SoundHack, Metasynth.

Media Tools - Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Flash, Quark XPress, Pagemaker, Imageready, Word, Excel, BBEdit


B. A., Liberal Arts - (Spring 1994) focus in media arts and sound art, The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA.

Internship - (Fall 1992) with New York based sound artist Bruce Odland.

Multitrack Composition and Hybrid Music - (Fall 1991 - Spring 1992) high-level recording engineering, analog and digital sound design, and creative audio production/composition courses at Evergreen State College.

References available upon request.

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