Online Sound Resources – Vital portal for the next generation of Public Radio. Great tips and tricks too

RAMPS – Usenet Group rec.arts.movies.production.sound (via Google Groups) the hangout of many great production sound recordists

sound_design – Yahoo Groups mailing list – Articles, glossaries, bibliographies... a great collection

DUC – Digidesign User Conference - the Post and Surround forum is great, and not just about Pro Tools

Third Coast – A gathering point for new public radio, something which is actually really good

world forum on acoustic ecology – predicated on the idea that we listen



Stretching Sound to Help the Mind See - Walter Murch on sound, image, and the power of metaphoric distance to move us.

Designing a Movie for Sound – Randy Thom's ideas on how incorporating sound into the entire filmmaking process, beginning from concept and script.

Post Audio FAQs – Bruce Nazarian provides a decent and detailed overview of the audio post-production process of a typical film.

Survey on Location and Context Based Media - Binaural Media of portugal has posted a series of excellent interviews with sound artists, notably the excellent recordist Chris Watson.


Friends and Fellow Explorers

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