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"We are inside the act of listening. We are here to listen to the listening. Together we are creating a quality of listening and soundmaking in this sonic space, the quality of time passing."
-from a presentation by Hildegard Westerkamp

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Here is a presentation of some of my sound work. More examples, with synchronized visual media, can be found on my reel page.

all sounds are mp3.


original composition from field recordings
Limited-run mini-CD
A lullaby for our son Isaiah who was born April 20, 2003. MiniCD available. more...

  Eighty Four
Theatrical sound design, LIDA Project Theatre Co.
This cue opens the play, an adaptation of Orwell. I composed music for this play as well as continuous film-style surround sound ambient backgrounds.
  An impossible moment in which Winston dances with his mother in a dream.

Merchant of Auschwitz
Theatrical sound design, LIDA Project Theatre Co.
This clip is mixed to approximate the listening perspective of an audience member hearing the three design layers: 1)Needledrop Music Score controlled by characters onstage; 2)Surround ambience; 3)German simul-trans from tiny seat-mounted speakers. This design was awarded Best Sound Design by the Denver Drama Critics Circle. more...

  A short tour of the ambiences from Merchant.
  Sim City (2003)
Sound Icons, Maxis Games

Entrance of Prehistoric Journey
Permanent museum exhibit, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Life began in the oceans. This sound envelopes visitors as they enter the exhibit space at DMNS's permanent dinosaur exhibit.


Synchronous Forest: the Dance of Nature and Technology
Gallery Installation, Museum of Outdoor Art, Englewood Colorado
CD available. More...


The Train Dreams the Tracks
Public space installation, Union Rail Terminal, Denver Colorado
An ambient overlay in Denver's cavernous downtown train station waiting room, the piece commented on cultural relationships to technology and space, past, present and future.


Music collaboration
Collaborative music project with jazz trumpeter Derek Banach. Co-composition, engineering and production. more at
There is a CD available.


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