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Did sound design/mix for a fundraising trailer for a very cool documentary Drools Verne, by director Robert Arnold.

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There is now a sound clips page which collects various examples of my work.

Have you heard Northstation yet?

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one-minute vacation, a sound from White Sands New Mexico (among others' field recordings etc)

Some Projects:


For our son Isaiah who was born April 20, 2003.

To imagine ways in which the baby hears inside the womb, and make a tapestry out of those imaginings using everyday outside-the-womb sounds as material. His heartbeat is a keynote, recorded using an ultrasound fetal heart monitor. Expansion joints on 101 in sf; working on another composition (defused ad 2); night voices; taking a walk; traffic on guerrero street; hotel coat hangers in santa cruz; sounds around the house. Radically accessible. Non-virtuosic. An expression of love.

Part of transforming commonplace ugliness into beautiful things, with the dream that this beauty becomes commonplace.

Debut at Field Effects 10 San Francisco, March 2003.

MiniCD available for US$6 (plus $2 shipping/handling worldwide) via Paypal.

14:30 mp3 (15MB)

The Merchant of Auschwitz
Based on Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice
adapted and directed by Brian Freeland
produced by the LIDA Project

A young Jewish student, captured in a time of madness, is caught with a copy of The Merchant of Venice. What follows is a debate acted out through the text of one of the most controversial plays of all time.

Westword | Denver Post | Rocky Mountain News

Denver Drama Critics Circle Award winner for Best Sound Design, 1999 Season
Awarded Best of Denver 1999 by Westword


Synchronous Forest: the Dance of Nature and Technology
A visual spatial and sonic collaborative installation
by Lindy Lyman and Jeremiah Lyman Moore
at the Museum of Outdoor Arts in Englewood CO

Website Designs:

Focused Audio
A San Francisco based recording studio.

Marissa LaMagna
Independent radio producer.

Studio Rasa
Berkeley based healing center offering yoga and other classes and bodywork in a beautiful gallery setting.



The world is sound.

The universe, a rhythmic, vibratory process.

Sound is context and signal. We are bathed in it always. Our ears and brains are very good at picking out just the parts we need - but what about the rest? I concern myself with the fabric of this ambient context, the fabric of our acoustic connection to our environment. I also concern myself with the texture and quality of the signal - the underlying communication buried in the obvious.

: sound+design : designsound : soundcomposition :


TimeWorks creates a framework for understanding different ways of perceiving and dealing with time.

I hope to break beyond the constraints of thinking of "time as money" or "time as commodity." There is a rich world within the variety of human thought and knowledge of time; perhaps if we listen we can gain perspective on our own concepts - realizing the positive and negative aspects...


I had this dream. It was springtime... --->


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Jeremiah Lyman Moore : recording structuring sound + media
[San Francisco USA  


(if you're wondering, I did steal the bit about recording structuring from the evergreen state college academic program rsls, which I never took)