Synchronous Forest, the Dance of Nature and Technology
An installation by Lindy Lyman and Jeremiah Lyman Moore


The Installation

Synchronous Forest was created as a thinking place around our relationship to nature as humans, and the technological interfaces by which we mediate our interactions with the environment.

Where does technology stem from? Just as the traces on a digital circuit board carry information to the right places, so do veins in a leaf deliver nourishment to the cells that need it.


Entering the gallery, you are enveloped by a subtle multilayered shifting soundscape coming through a diffuse network of small, unobtrusive speakers. The sounds are soft, calm - mostly. They are derived from both natural and technological sources, varying from organic to scintillatingly abstract.

A series of colorful, symbol-rich, semi abstract paintings create strong focal points. Leaves cover the floor, and aerial assemblages of tree branches dressed with circuit boards, consumer age detritus, and hard drive componentry hang throughout the space.

An enclosed space in the center of the room, made of diaphanous fabric, provides an interior space, at once connected with the outside and apart from it, from which you can sit and look at the show. There is a small bench which one or two people can sit on.

CD Now Available

A CD is now available of sound elements from the installation.
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